Community News

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence

Join us in celebrating an incredible milestone as we bid farewell to Rick Huegel from Plyler Entry Systems after 40 years of outstanding service!

Rick has been a shining example of knowledge, professionalism, and excellence throughout his time with us. His dedication and expertise have consistently impressed everyone around him, and his commitment to delivering exceptional service has made him a true asset to our organization.

Customers have praised him for his courtesy, friendliness, and willingness to explain the intricacies of his work. His exceptional customer service skills have built strong relationships and garnered immense appreciation from all those he has served.

As Rick embarks on this well-deserved retirement, we want to express our deepest appreciation for his invaluable contributions. His legacy of excellence will continue to inspire us and guide us in our future endeavors.

This morning, we held an employee breakfast where we presented Rick with his final milestone bonus, along with an original Jack Paluh oil painting of Rick's prized buck.

Congratulations on your retirement, Rick! You leave behind a lasting legacy, and we are forever grateful for your remarkable contributions.