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The garage door feels heavy or is hard to open and close.

If your garage door feels very heavy and is difficult to open, it can be the result of a broken or improperly tensioned spring. Garage doors use two main types of spring systems - torsion springs or extension springs - and a spring issue on either of these systems can make them difficult to open, while also putting additional stress on your automatic opener. We strongly advise against DIY spring repair or replacement, as attempting to repair springs on your own can cause severe injury.

How to program a remote control.

The following instructions pertain to most remote controls. If you are not successful with these instructions, Google your remote control model number to find instructions for your specific model.

  1. Locate the Learn button on the garage door opener. Typically the Learn button is located on the same side as the antenna, you may need to remove the light lens. The Learn button may be green, orange, red, purple, or yellow with a small LED next to it.
  2. Press and release the Learn button.
  3. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the desired button on the remote control for three seconds. The LED indicator light will turn off or the garage door opener lights will blink indicating the programming was successful.
  4. Press the button on the remote control again, the garage door opener should activate. If not, repeat steps 3 and 4.

How to program HomeLink in your vehicle.

How to program a LiftMaster Internet Gateway (828LM)

The garage door opener does not activate.

Check to make sure the garage door opener is connected to a power source by checking the electrical outlet for power.

Plug a working device such as a lamp into the garage door opener’s outlet.

The garage door opener will not activate from the remote control.

The most common reasons are:

  • Misaligned or obstructed safety reversing sensors.
  • The Lock on the wall mounted door control is “ON".
  • The remote control needs to be programmed.
  • The remote control battery needs to be replaced.

The garage door will not close fully.

The most common reasons are:

  • The door is binding or sticking.
  • The garage door lock is engaged.
  • Changes in the door operation and may require some adjustments.
  • The safety reversing sensors are not connected, obstructed or misaligned.

The garage door won't close and the light bulbs flash.

Safety sensors are misaligned or were momentarily obstructed. Realign both sensors to ensure both LEDs are steady and not flickering.

The garage door opens after touching the floor.

The most common reason is the garage door opener needs to be adjusted. The instructions for adjustment vary by model.

The garage door opener light(s) will not turn off when the door is open.

The garage door opener is equipped with a feature that turns the light on when the safety reversing sensors have been obstructed. This feature can be disabled using the door control, see Control Panel Setup.

How to clean a steel garage door.

Doors should be cleaned at least twice a year or four times a year in harsh environments (coastal regions, high road salts, etc.). Working from the bottom to the top of the door sections, use a well soaked cloth, sponge, soft bristle brush, or low pressure garden sprayer with either of the following solutions:

  • One cup of Simple Green® or other non-toxic biodegradable cleaner (less than 0.5% phosphate) into two gallons of warm water, or
  • One cup of household ammonia dissolved into five gallons of room temperature water.

NOTE: Be sure to clean behind stop molding on the sides and top of the door. Rinse door with clean water to complete cleaning. After cleaning use a liquid car wax (not paste) to preserve the door’s finish between cleanings. This is especially important in coastal and harsh environments.

A Few Helpful Tips During a Power Outage.

To disconnect the door from the opener:

  • Pull the red rope straight down.
  • If you want to lock out the trolley, you need to pull the rope straight down and then pull it back towards the opener.
  • This will allow you to raise and lower the door manually as often as necessary

To reconnect the door to the opener:

  • Pull the handle straight down.
  • The trolley will reconnect the next time the door is activated.