Opener Accessories

Plyler Entry Systems stocks remotes, keyless entry systems, and wall stations to work with most garage opener models. Below are a few of the most common accessories, but we carry many more!

892 Lt 2 Button Security 2 0 Learning Remote Control

892LT 2-Button Security+ 2.0 Learning Remote Control

LiftMaster 893 Max 3 Button Visor Remote Control

893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote Control

894 Lt 4 Button Security 2 0 Learning Remote Control

894LT 4-Button Security+ 2.0 Learning Remote Control

374 Ut Mini Universal Remote Control

374UT Mini Universal Remote Control

375 Ut 2 Button Universal Remote Control

375UT 2-Button Universal Remote Control

LiftMaster 890 Max 3 Button Mini Remote Control

890MAX 3-Button Mini Remote Control

LiftMaster Universal Wireless Keyless Entry 387LM

387LM Universal Wireless Keyless Entry

877 Max Wireless Keyless Entry

877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry

LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel 888LM

888LM MyQ Control Panel

LiftMaster Remote Light Switch 823LM

823LM Remote Light Switch

LiftMaster Remote Light Control 825LM

825LM Remote Light Control

LiftMaster Remote LED Light 827LM

827LM Remote LED Light